Roxette’s next single leaked

Of course, this was our April Fool’s 🙂

Yes, it has happened again: Roxette’s next single “Speak To Me”, according to our sources to be released on April 15th, has been leaked. We at Roxetteblog have got a copy of it and what we can already say now is that the song has been remixed and is quite different to the album version.

For example, the duration now is 04:01 min and it features a newly recorded final part in which Marie has a solo sung almost in opera style, supported by heavy rock guitars. And to be honest, the result is quite bad!

Apparently, as it happened in some cases before (remember “Radio” or Per’s single?) someone involved in the production has been careless with the material.

We have contacted Roxette’s management to get an OK to at least share a snippet of the remixed song, it looks quite good so check our website later on today!

For the time being, and as we did when “Radio” or the full album were leaked, we really want to stress out that we don’t support illegal sharing of non-released material and we ask you not to post any links on the comments if you find the song anywhere for download. We also ask you to report such links to us (via contact) so that together, as we did with the previously mentioned releases, can stop the illegal spreading. Thank you!

10 thoughts on “Roxette’s next single leaked”

  1. My God, not only TDR informed about this sad situation.

    Do you have any information regarding the album’s leak?

  2. HAPPY APRIL FOOL’S! I can’t imagine Marie singing in opera style 🙂

    Would love though to hear a different version of this great song! Not a remix just a slower version with different arrangment….

  3. Hope this is not an April fool’s…


    According to a tweet from Per, Roxette’s album “Charm School” has been certified Gold in Switzerland for having sold 15,000 copies!

    Comparing the chart positions, this reporter believes that it is now only a question of time until “Charm School” will be awarded a Gold record in neighbouring Germany as well. The sales threshold there is at 100,000 copies – including physical CDs/LPs and downloads.

    The mighty Roxette have already arrived in Montevideo, Uruguay, where they will perform the first concert of the Tour’s South African leg tomorrow.

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