World Tour 2011: Montevideo, Uruguay – April 2 #09

Yesterday Roxette landed in Montevideo, Uruguay, what is their first stop in the South American leg of the World Tour 2011. They are going to spend some weeks in Latin America touring in Argentina, Chile and Brazil.
We have read (mostly on Facebook) that many fans already met Roxette and even have partied with the musicians (C, M and P!). Below you’ll find some links!

According to, fans who purchase an item from the Official Merchandise stand in the venues in Uruguay, Argentina and Chile will enter a draw to win a Meet and Greet with Marie and Per.

The set list contained no new songs (contrary to what Per said that a new song would be added in each continent) and “Silver Blue” was skipped.
Christoffer played “La Cumparsita” during the band introduction.
There was also a big screen at each side of the stage.

Thanks to Rosina for the information.

Fans and the band
Pictures of rehearsals and concert by Rosina Marmion on Facebook

Marie with fans (on Facebook, you might not be able to see it due to FB privacy settings!)
Christoffer and the band arrived! (From Roxette Official Facebook)
by Andrese06: Roxette at Sheraton hotel | Per and the band at hotel | Marie signing autographs | Things will Never Be The Same
by elyoru100: Roxette at the hotel
by PiCaLoKi: Beginning of the show (very bad quality)

21 thoughts on “World Tour 2011: Montevideo, Uruguay – April 2 #09”

  1. It would be fantastic to see Marie with fans, but Fb gave me this announcement: “Video Unavailable
    This video has either been removed from Facebook or is not visible due to privacy settings.” 🙁

  2. 1. Setlist? 24-25 Songs?
    2. which song /songs) has been added? -There must be 2 additional songs since per promised to add 1 song at each additional continent.
    3.” Speakt to me” finally added as livetrack???
    4. Fan Videos of the NEW added songs please!!

  3. Great to see the video screens back! I’m looking forward to see concert footage with the South American crowd. 🙂

  4. Thanks for the uploads 🙂
    I was hoping to see new outfits by Marie & Per…..
    It’s a pity the pics posted can’t be downloaded 🙁
    Come on Roxette comunity now is the time to share and not be selfish with material and photos ! Thanks to the people who do share their material 🙂

  5. FB claims that I don’t have the permission to see Rosina’s photos either. :/ So, dear fans, it would be nice, to check the security level of the pictures and if you don’t mind, put the album open to everybody. 🙂 If you make rox pictures a separate album, you don’t have to worry about your other pics to be open to the whole world. 🙂

    Anyway, thx for everybody uploading the pics and vids. 🙂

  6. Hello everybody, who ever is able to talk to Per should told he to fullfill given words. I´m really angry about the set list which will and will not be longer and longer. Why making lust for more songs when the do not play them? Why fooling around with the fans? I mean once Pert told us that 40 singls are forseen for choosing them to special setlists. Also People who will go to see 2 or more concerts, I´m sure there will be enough of you, who want to see at least some variation among the songs. The only positiv thing was that screens has been added which is good because the fans wanted it. So now lets push together to play more songs not the same on each concert!!
    What about: Almost unreal, Fireworks, Speak to Me, Queen of Rain, The Rain, Milk and Toast and Honey-all these would be perfect live songs. Please remember them on previous concerts. Please support my idea and tell that to Per or who ever is resposible for the set lists. I just want to see that promised words are hold for fans who pay to see all the hits not only the joyride tracks (I like these too..) I hope you understand what I want to tranfer with my message.

  7. I think that because Marie find it difficult to remember lyrics, that’s why they stick to the same setlist. Have some understanding, please!

  8. Perfect Day
    this song makes me want to cry everytime i hear this version

    Also, for what it’s worth, I don’t care anymore about setlists.
    I figured the list would be basically the same from last year with a few new songs. Anything else is a treat! If I could afford to, I would go to as many shows as possible – even if just to hear the same songs again. I am just so thankful for this new album and tour…a miracle that I honestly never thought would happen 🙂

    Now please come to Canada… 😉

  9. Videos by canalia123: The big L imhbl, love the audience in the beginning dangerous

    About the setlist, yes, I’d also like to hear more and different songs, but I understand the conditions they’re touring. I think everything that P says can’t be taken as a promise but a plan wich can on can not happen.

    I has also expected new summerly outfit of the band. Great that they added the screens. 🙂

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