Today Roxette will play in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the first of the two sold out shows in this city. Run To Roxette and The Daily Roxette have also organised an After Party at disco Dorsia. The disco is located just a short walk away from Luna Park venue and opens its doors at 23:30. Roxette music, videos and prizes are guaranteed!
The entry fee is $50 (pesos) and includes one free drink (soda, water or beer). You can find more information on the event Facebook page.


01. Dressed for success
02. Sleeping in my car
03. The Big L.
04. Wish I could fly
05. Only when I dream
06. She’s got nothing on (But the radio)
07. Perfect day
08. Things will never be the same
09. It must have been love
10. Opportunity nox
11. 7twenty7
12. Fading like a flower (every time you leave)
13. Stars
14. How do you do!
15. Dangerous
Band presentation
16. Joyride (With “La Cumparsita” introduction)
17. Watercolours in the Rain
18. Spending my time
19. The look
20. Way out
21. Listen to your heart
22. Church of your heart

Articles and photos

Llegaron los Roxette (Roxette arrived!) on Clarin | Concert review by RollingStone Argentina


Roxette arrival and fans

Roxette arrival and fans II

Videos by Javiruli69: The Look | Spending my time (do you hear Roxette at all? ;))

Videos by matyconmigo: How Do You Do! / Dangerous | Dangerous | Watercolours in the rain & Spending my time | Wish I Could Fly

By Joserey101:  Perfect Day | Fading Like A Flower

There are lots of videos on Youtube.. will post them later on. If you can’t wait, check this here. It searches for the latest entries with “roxette”.