Roxette to play Israel

According to Marie Fredriksson and Per Gessle are to perform at Tel Aviv’s Exhibition Grounds on October 22. Roxette is being brought to Israel by producer Shuki Weiss. The first tickets for the concert will be sold online for NIS 295 ($85). The price will later go up to NIS 370 ($107).

“Several months ago I flew to watch a performance of Roxette in Europe and what I saw was the band that continues to grow over the years” says producer Shuki Weiss. “Their communication with the audience is amazing – it’s the best live show there. I was asking myself questions about the vocal and physical abilities of the singer, Marie Fredriksson, after her determined struggle with cancer, but I got to see her victory and her will to conquere the stage is stronger than ever”

Tickets will go on sale at on April 18th.

9 thoughts on “Roxette to play Israel”

  1. oohhh awesome!!! can’t wait! this is the greatest news ever ! I’m sooo going to be there 🙂

  2. Amazing news!!!! I wonder what music will Mr. Lundquist play when presenting the band – Sholom Aleyhem or Hava Nagila? ;)))))))

  3. They write in Hebrew, that the site will be launched very soon. And tickets for the Roxette show will go on sale by The address of the site will also change. If you will now try to type you will be redirected to “coming soon”..)))

    Tickets for 295 nis are very cheap I think. Last year I was on Patricia Kaas’ show and it costed 375 nis!

  4. By the way, 18th April is Pesah in Israel. One of the most important holidays in the country and everyone works will max. 2 pm. I don’t have any idea how do they think to start selling tickets on this day. A week after that all the state offices are closed for a holiday as well as schools and so on.
    Instead of having a rest, people will buy Rox tickets!)))))

  5. oh my god oh my GOD!!!!!

    FINALLY, YES YES!!!! :)))

    It’s going to be such an amazing evening. I can not wait!!!

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