Confirmed: next Roxette single is “Speak To Me”

As mentioned earlier last week, Roxette’s second out of “Charm School” is going to be “Speak To Me”. Now it’s official, at least for Sweden, Belgium and South Africa.

The song which is going to be played on the radio is however the called “Bassflow remake”, mixed by Peter Boström. You can listen to a snippet of the song on TDR following this link.

Radio start is April 11th and you’ll be able to buy the single digitally on April 18th. According to TDR, and as you can see on the album cover, the b-side is “Stars” (live in Barcelona 2001). However, earlier yesterday the titles of some more remixes were published (and later removed) in the article, so we expect there will be a remixes single released additionally (as it was with “She’s Got Nothing On”) or a maxi containing all of the tracks.

The cover is again red and in the same style as “She’s Got Nothing On” but with another picture. The red cover was however used for the promo single, the comercial single cover was purple.

Update April 21st: “Stars” version included on the single comes from the “Room Service Tour”, not from the Barcelona showcase.

19 thoughts on “Confirmed: next Roxette single is “Speak To Me””

  1. My guess: this is the promo cover too, looks a bit bland with the tracklist on top. I think I like the remix while it’s quite dancy in arrangement. The original version should be included as well IMHO.

  2. No problem with new synth sound. Even original version is synth based song, I mean in good 90’s way. Melody stays the same but it changed the atmosphere completely. Now it´s more optimistic middle tempo song then dark ballad. But I like it, it sounds very 2011 and it’s one of their strongest melodies. I do believe it can charted well. But agree with you, why not include album version on a single?

  3. Well, it’s just a snippet so far but it is what it is: a remix from another person. As a b-side ok, but it’s lost the roxette- sound. The original is much better with the drums, guitars and the dark sound! As already said: they shouldn’t need to follow a trend. Speak to me is one of the strongest songs on the album, there was no need for a “make over”. It’s not the same with “reveal”: this song sounded half finished before and with adding a beat behind it was just perfect.

  4. alright manuli. it sounds like a remix and it is one. call it remake or whatever. it is not the real one anymore. why did they release this song if its not good enough? they could have released cadillac instead – but without a remix.

    german producers mousse t., anette humpe (ich + ich) or peter plate from rosenstolz would have made more suitable new versions!

    now its just a cold computer dance mix. i like songs with more than 50 % real instruments more.

  5. STM is my favourite song on Charms School & this is only a snippet but I like it. I like the song a bit faster.
    The single cover is a different story. The cover is terrible!! It is old fashioned and not doing anything for Roxette’s 2011 image!

    Whoever are doing the artwork on these should be fired ! 🙂

  6. Oh my Goodness!! It’s the first single release in SA for decades. I wonder where in SA we will be able to buy it.

    I’ll email my contact at EMI and ask. I like the cover, but I always prefer pics of Per and Marie on top.

  7. Why fixing something that’s not broken!?!?

    Wasn’t Speak To Me one of the best songs that happened to Roxette in a long time?

    I mean maybe the remake is outstanding (haven’t heard it but the snippet) but.. the song itself is. I would’ve given a chance to both but well let see how it turns at the end.

    Having this new fresh and amazing Stars rock version live why including and old one?

    Having re listening to it Maybe because is great!?

    The cover doesn’t represent the song at all but i can’t say i don’t like it at all it’s a funny classic look sharpish picture.

  8. @ roxryder: Wow, I’ve never heard this version of Stars before. It’s terrific! Would be great if they had used this as a b-side for the upcoming single release. Touching.

  9. Hey!!! The remake is AMAZING!!! i love it!!! if you want the original…we have the CDs so let’s take it easy, the radios would have 2 versions to choose. The cover it’s ok, it follows the line of the previous an yes I would like to listen (and this I have told Per to do it on FB) that they should record a studio version of the new version of “Stars”. I really expecting for it!!

  10. In my opinion, the showcase version is a lot more interesting than the regular version that was played at Palau Sant Jordi. Bad choice. Well, maybe they didn’t have a proper recording of it.

  11. Last night I catched “Speak to Me” (the album version, though) in Aspen Radio ( It was introduced as ‘the new from Roxette’. They also played “She’s Got Nothing On” from the very beginning too.

    Aspen Radio is a popular adult-oriented radio that plays mostly classics from the 80’s and 90’s, plus new songs by artists/bands from that era that are still on the road. They still have “Charm School” as one of their 10 recommended albums.

  12. Can anyone tell me where one can download digital versions of these songs:

    1. “Speak to Me” (Bassflow Remake) – 3:39
    2. “Speak to Me” (Original Mix) – 3:41
    3. “Stars” (Live from Barcelona Oct. 24, 2001) – 4:06

    Here in Venezuela, record stores, do not sell singles and maxi-singles, only sold the CD-album.

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