Legendary shop goes bankrupt

Sweden’s biggest record chain Skivlagret went bankrupt in February – Sveriges Radio reports. The head office and 11 shops in the whole Sweden were closed – among others the one in Halmstad, well-known among fans from the rich collection of Roxette related albums and books. Per Gessle and Gyllene Tider did organize several signing session there.

The main reason of that decision is that albums’ sale is dropping and this kind of business is not as profitable as it was in the past.

Source: Sveriges Radio

9 thoughts on “Legendary shop goes bankrupt”

  1. well, to be honest, with those prices, whom do they expect should buy at their shops? At least the one in Halmstad was extremely expensive, even normal (new) CDs were too pricey…

  2. I hate that record companies and others in music business complain about internet and piracy destroying their business when they don’t even try to accommodate the changing consumption environment. For example this “we’ll release albums different time in different places” is just ridiculous – why can’t they decide international release date and make them festivals in record shop – for example.

  3. The problem is that historically the record industry is split into numerous local labels, publishers and other right holders. Everybody wants a piece of the cake.

  4. I bought the two last Roxette CDs in the Halmstad shop!! 😀 The remastered “Crash! Boom! Bang!” and “Joyride”!

    But yeah, it’s a big shame they had to close down. We have no CD shops in Halmstad now, luckily there’s CDON… but still… :-/

    • Here where I live, in Sollentuna we haven’t had a CDstore in about 8 years. There were atleast 3 in the 90ies. Now we can only buy CD’s in ICA Maxi and other food stores or, as you say, CDON.

  5. Oh well, this shop was a rip off and Uffe always knew how to get money from desperate fans. I’m not too sad about it. Haven’t bought anything there since 14 years for good reason.

  6. Poor Uffe. It was always great to have a small talk with him . High prizes..well.. not as high as at Åhléns. I always bought CDs at his shop. The shop with the extremely high prices was Repeat records once….and Black Magic records..or what was the shop called on the other side of the street?! I was already asking myself how he could keep the shop as noone seems to buy CD’s nowadays. His prices for normal (non collector) CDs were just normal I think! Same here in Germany. Almost no CD under 16 € in the shops. So it’s no wonder that you first check the internet, if you can get it cheaper there.
    Sad times. I’m afraid that soon you can only buy stupid downloads.

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