“Soooo Christofferrr!” to become the Summer hit 2011?

FakusZarate YouTube user has made a compilation of some of the most funniest, craziest, interesting videos recorded by Per Gessle during the tour(s) in a remix called “Soo Christofferrr!”.

Summer hit 2011? Check it out! (and have a great laugh).


6 thoughts on ““Soooo Christofferrr!” to become the Summer hit 2011?”

  1. Funny video but not making most of the idea. I’d like to have some Rox song in the background. The voice quality is disturbingly bad but the clips are funny as ever. I’d like to see remakes of this idea. 😀

  2. Miami, Kiwein was right, the remix in the background is The center of the heart, from tcoth single, and of course there will be video remake, thanks for the comments

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