“Speak To Me” already available for purchase

Roxette’s second single out of “Charm School” is already out and can be purchased (digital!) in some countries following the links below:

7digital in Norway (24 NOK)
7digital in Sweden (29 SEK)
7digital in Belgium (2.79 EUR)
7digital or MTV3.fi in Finland (2.79 EUR)

Thanks Evgeny!

12 thoughts on ““Speak To Me” already available for purchase”

  1. I hope a CD will be released in a few weeks, buying a digital single makes no sense to me!

    Now I am wondering if the same B-side will be used for “Way Out” in Germany/Austria…

    • yes.. I am still not that fond of paying for digital singles/songs. But so far nobody said anything about a physical release..

      • According to Tevensso, a CD single is likely to be released in Sweden (he’s 99% sure). Source: his own words in TDR. Hope it’s true.

  2. If roxette won`t release Speak to me soon or later everywhere than it could be classied the most biggest mistake and forgiven chance to create an new evergreen an to! I´m sooo sick to be forecd to wait for an overall release. 2 Month ago people of this forum voted STP to No. 1 single for the suggestion list to be played from Charmschool-toor. Where is the support now for that single? Per sayed in an german Interviev: He is well aware of that STM is the fan`s favorit and it is also one of his favorit tracks…….? Then why is it so hard to bring that song as single and also played it live. It would be an blast.
    The hope dies last …And in 1 week an new continent with an new song should be added to the set list!… And the lyrics by all respect was once sung by Marie so she is also able to perfom it again. For her it would meen less stress to sing STM than NOMIOHO. Can give me someone the phone number of Per? I really would like to get an answer.

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