EMI Music Germany to release the special edition of “Hits!” as well

It seems like not only EMI South Africa has decided to celebrate Roxette’s World Tour 2011 with the special edition of “Hits!” CD and DVD compilation. On May 27th, the very similar edition – but this time with German flag and age restriction (well, in fact there is no age restriction) will be out on the German market.

You can purchase your copy at amazon.de for only 12 EUR.

Source: EMI Music Germany

Thanks to Daniel Kuhn for this information.

5 thoughts on “EMI Music Germany to release the special edition of “Hits!” as well”

  1. The ‘age restriction’ thingie makes me laugh. Is it a German creation? Haven’t seen anything like that around here.

    • It seems to be, Austrian CDs don’t have this. It’s funny when I order CDs from Amazon, they all come with this.. Pink’s CD for example was categorized as very bad 😀

      • Yeah, something ‘very German’/bureaucratic.

        From my point of view it’s simply stupid to mark something with an ‘age restriction’ of 0/zero (!!). What’s next? A sticker on CDs with “Don’t eat!”?

  2. yep. it was one of the reasons why “gessle over europe” was delayed, cos there was this “kix” video. but still – i wonder what they would say if they see a golf-scene in TCOTH? 😀

  3. The Gessle videos were marked as ‘director’s cut’, but actually they are heavily edited versions with all the controversial parts removed. According to Wikipedia: “The most common form of director’s cut is therefore to have extra scenes added, often making the “new” film considerably longer than the “original”. Which is exactly the opposite, it makes no sense. Whatever…

    If they see the golf-scene, they’re gonna label the dvd as ‘soft porn’. No need to mention the Marie-sitting-in-a-toilet scene, that will be a scandal…

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