3 thoughts on “Interview with Per Gessle on SVT”

  1. Does anyone know what Per is saying here….maybe a translation from Swedish to English if anyone is up to it?

  2. I’m not native from Sweden, so please correect me if I’m wrong, but in the first part there is really nothing new – the story behind Neverending love and its translation from Swedish, the stoy of The Look and Dean Cushman, about the Amsterdam concert as Marie’s comeback, the amazing South American fans singing the songs and almost not letting Roxette sing Spending my time and It must have been love, the “Charm school” and “Radio” success, the reason for still being successful as not sounding exactly the same as all other artists due to everything being made by themselves and in Sweden… Don’t know what more. I still have to listen the second part.

  3. Well, yeah, maybe it’s important to stress that not only doing the shows is a therapy for Marie, but especially all the love she receives from the fans in that shows. We’re happy that it reaches her:)

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