4 thoughts on “Order “Speak to me” at Bengans.se”

  1. I want an CD- like 2340000 tousand other Roxette fans. But obviously my wish won`t come true……
    It´s likely that this song has only been created by Per to let People suffer and feel pain for what has been done to that “evergreen”…..It seems to have no chance to be an hit because stupid tactics from “real specialists”destroy any hope to hear this song on radio or even live in concert.. Its just sad…. soo sad

  2. Even if I have it in digital format, I wanted it on cd too for the sake of collection. We can’t deny the days of physical cd singles are counted, even in Sweden where most of the singles are released digitally these days. But I don’t think that printing a limited quantity would put EMI in risk of bankrupt.

    On the other hand: if a cd single is ‘obsolete’, isn’t a 7″ even more obsolete? I haven’t had a record player since I was 5, and I don’t know any of my friends/family having one either… It’s just an item to put in the shelf as decoration.

  3. I still have a record player since I have albums by some artists which are not available on CD .. but still, weird that there is no CD. At least in here we get Way Out on CD!

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