Per Gessle: I feel this is the best Roxette band our fans have ever seen

Clayton Morar, SA’s celeb expert & autograph hunter, posted a blog entry from the Monday press meeting in Cape Town. Read some extracts from what he noticed during the interview:

I feel this is the best Roxette band our fans have ever seen. We’re enjoying touring around the world and we’ll continue to sing and produce hits as long as Marie’s comfortable with how we do things and as long as the fans keep supporting us. All we’d like to do is to continue to make good music!

I love SA wine and I’ve previously brought my family out for a visit a few years ago, and we took a tour to all the wine farms outside Cape Town. While there I met up with Ernie Els (SA golfer) and Bjorn Bjorg (Swedish tennis star) and had a great time. I also love the food here and the great sights of Cape Town.

Check Clayton Morar’s blog out for more pictures and stories.

6 thoughts on “Per Gessle: I feel this is the best Roxette band our fans have ever seen”

  1. I hope that some ‘great sights of Cape Town’ will be included in Way Out video. I’m bored with so many ‘studio’ videoclips. Last fresh video was Milk And Toast And Honey. But I’m still angry that Speak To Me has been killed (mean no CD single and no video).

  2. Great to hear that from Per cuz I think that since 2009, the band is in top shape they behave like a very old friends. I would like to see a more active role of that band in the future releases. I mean a live studio record with all of these member would be hilarious. Long live Roxette and the most important thing, we should be thanked for this present and future.

  3. Yes!!!! Roxette seems to have future and this 2011 gift is not a one-off thing:))) I also think the band is great, especially this rocking sound!

  4. Interesting little interview. I’m glad to hear Per and Marie are interested to do new music together. I find Charm School a little too cautious album as if they haven’t find out what they can do together and how their talents fit with each other at this time. I think Marie sings better than ever, she has more emotions in her singing than before. Hopefully Per writes new songs that let her “new”, older and sometimes softer voice shine like it wouldn’t be able before.

  5. looking forward to new album (something like tourism would be nice).

    would love to have a new catchy marie rock song like “edge of glory” by lady gaga (but more rock and real instruments).

  6. Lucky Mr. G!!!!)))))
    I wish I was now drinking SA wine somewhere in the Cape Town)

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