8 thoughts on “Sun City: Good old “The Look” is back!”

  1. The guitar solo at the end is awesome! Great to have this version back, hope they keep it!


    A very STUPID decision to tamper with their biggest song and turn into a country/western joke. Finally they are paying respect to the way JONAS ISACSSON created it!

    Now The Look sounds like THE LOOK!

    Now people don’t have to wait 40 seconds of Christopher having a wank on the guitar before Per says “Walking like a man…” and THEN the crowd reacts and realise it’s the single song that made them Super Stars.

    Yes, finally someone woke up!

  3. Hallelujah!!! Much, MUCH better!!!! I hope they never go back to that horrible version again! Now change Joyride back & we’re all good : )

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