Bucharest: Roxette’s too loud? The 8-meter wall is being built

Organizators of the first Roxette Romanian concert in Bucharest do not want to disturb too many people and they have already started building a sound wall that would protect people living in the area from loud noices. Zone Arena, where Roxette will perform on May 30th, will be surrounded by a protective wall, 8 meters high and 100 meters long.

It is also said that the venue can take over 30,000 people which would make this Bucharest date till the biggest concert during the Roxette’s World Tour 2011.

After all Ms Fredriksson’s birthday should be loud!

Source: Stirile Pro TV, BestMusic.ro

4 thoughts on “Bucharest: Roxette’s too loud? The 8-meter wall is being built”

  1. I didn’t know that Zone Arena is actually an open-air venue.
    Considering that it is tightly sorrounded by houses I think it is more-or-less obvious to build such protection wall.

  2. Yes, I also thought it will be some kind of indoor arena or at least a stadium – but now it seems it’s more like a field – similar to the one that was in Halmstad last year. Great that there will be so many people! 🙂

  3. It’s not the place we wanted but it will be at least great what we prepare for Marie’s birthday !! we hope it ill be sold-out, 30.000 fans !!!!

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