Journalist: “I feel like I should hug you”; Per Gessle: “Please, do!”

Swedish pop group Roxette’s fans showed their undying support when the dates for the South African leg of the Charm School tour were announced, making sure every show was sold out. Top Billing caught up with Per Gessel, the male part of this well loved duo and a award winning musician in his own right. We find out about his and partner Marie Frederikson’s love for Cape Town and what his favorite Roxette song is. Watch this episode to find out the inside scoop, like how hit single, It must have been love was originally written as a Christmas song.

Anyone who knows how to watch the whole episode?


3 thoughts on “Journalist: “I feel like I should hug you”; Per Gessle: “Please, do!””

  1. must say they did a great job loved all the clips they showed inbetween,old and new it touched my heart when they showed the clip of marie in swedish where she talked about how per stood by her, while she draw pictures from 2nd change cover

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