Per Gessle, while his stay in South Africa, did a couple of interviews for Dubai press. Here’s another one.

We have done 19 shows so far and have many more to come. We will keep performing as long as there are people who want to see us. It is what we want to do, both for us and our fans.

Gessle laughed when asked about Dubai.

I’ve heard it’s pretty hot. That’s about it. I have friends who live there who are always asking us to visit, so it’ll be nice to see them. Although they want to take us to lots of very fancy restaurants, I’m just not sure we’re going to have the time. We can’t wait to experience something new.

There are still hundreds of people waiting to greet us at airports around the world. The support of people is unreal. They are what keep us going. Quite often I have ‘pinch me’ moments. Sometimes, 30 seconds before I walk on stage I have that moment when I can’t believe what is happening. How lucky we are.

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