8 thoughts on “Rumours: “Speak to me” to be released on CD?”

  1. I wouldn’t trust Amazon to get details accurate. Over the years, I’ve spotted many errors in release dates (particularly the year), etc.

    Still, could go either way though…

  2. I think there is an fault, I have ordered this one on the 6th of May, today there was an E-Mail from Amazon, they tell me that they can’t deliver this one. if they ever get this cd yet they can not say…

  3. it will be released soon or later and also an video will follow in fall just befor the german tour. Most likle they will do the video for it in late summer early september. Then it will fit perfectly and will get the attention it deserves. 4 singles should be enough for charm school at all and STM will be defenitly one of it. I´m sure that it will see daylight world wide later this year.

  4. @ bergepanther i wouldn’t be to sure about it. they should look how the single does in those countries where it is already released. if its going to be a hit, they should def release it in germany too but if not – no way.

    if they ever release STM in germany – please not the remake!!

  5. Hi RealSuger,

    STM needs no”tests” to be successful ( I hope). what it needs is the right time of release in every country. Since it was promoted from the very beginning of charm school TV-advertisment as “hit” and it is an strong typical Rox ballad it should have the chance to be an single with an video too. Like Per said in SA: no video at the moment.. which does not mean that is could be later finally made. And a short look on the tour dates makes clear that the perfect time of making an video should be August-September right before the fall tour. And beside STM, Wayout it is likely that No one makes.. will be the closing single next year. Don`t you think that this makes sence seeing the circumstances?

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