World Tour 2011: Buenos Aires #1 Video Bootleg

Thanx for a super evening last night in B.A.! Wonderful crowd and band, two perfect hours. Played Stars for the first time in a while. Great fun! Look forward to Part Two tonight!!!!!!

A big thank you to Eloy Mathesan from Argentina.

Dressed for success
Sleeping in my car
The Big L.
Wish I Could Fly
Only When I Dream
She’s Got Nothing On (But the Radio)
Perfect Day
Things Will Never Be The Same
It Must Have Been Love
Opportunity Nox
Fading Like a Flower (Every Time You Leave)
How Do You Do!
Band Intro
Watercolours in the Rain

Spending My Time
The Look

Way Out
Listen to Your Heart
Church of Your Heart

Here are the links:
LUNA PARK – 04/04/2011 – DVD1 (40 megaupload links)

LUNA PARK – 04/04/2011 – DVD2 (43 megaupload links)

There is a missing file on the first DVD. You can download that file from this link:

21 thoughts on “World Tour 2011: Buenos Aires #1 Video Bootleg”

  1. Is this dvd a compilation of several youtube videos (like the so-called Lunatic Park) or the same fan who filmed the whole show? Thanks for sharing this link!

  2. This bootleg was sold before the second concert in Buenos Aires on the street.
    Its sound and picture quality is good and it has an acceptable quality menu even.

  3. Thanks a lot for sharing!!

    Isnt there any chance to spread the dvd on torrent sites? Otherwise it will take ages to download it…just a suggestion.

  4. Fantastic! Thanks to all involved ones, who made it possible to get this. You are great! Made my day… even week! 😀

  5. I think this is nice for the fans. I can’t download this 🙁
    But I am really looking forward to the live pro dvd that will be shot later in the year in Germany. Five cameras from all angles capturing that magic on stage…..ooooo 2012 is too far away still for the release. And this Roxette comeback documentary will be so special.

  6. Thank you so much for sharing this great show! I`ve finished downloading this morning! :0)

  7. @ChrissieR, I had conversations with the film crew that shot the live video for way our during the Cape Town gigs and they told me among other things that they will be shooting the live dvd later in Germany as there are so many concerts scheduled in Germany later this year. I am not too sure if they will shoot only one concert or whether they will combine the best performances for one concert show. It sounds like the combo would be the best option as even the performance of Per sometimes is not ‘accurate’. All of them make mistakes here and there with the performance that the audience don’t even pick up….so I guess they want the most “perfect” version. I really can’t wait for this to become available as I love the pro shot vids – 5 different cameras all the time recording…wow 🙂

  8. Apologies correction, Way out was not shot live in front of an audience but ‘live’ in the arena before the concert started on 10 May.

  9. found disc one in torrent sites 🙂
    btw what’s on disc two and why are there two discs anyway?

  10. Same cam, shot from the left upper tier. Image is pretty decent, sound is acceptable but anyway the sound in that venue was terrible

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