World Tour 2011: Roxette bring the fun back to Dubai


Local website reporters attended the very first Roxette concert in Dubai on May 20th and here is what they have to say about the gig

Thank goodness the likes of Roxette are still around to remind us what pop music used to be about… Fun!

Here is a band that’s never been po-faced about their craft, and from the second the first bubblegum rock riff of Dressed for Success filled the Dubai World Trade Centre, you knew what was in store.

Taking to the stage in outfits that would make David Hasselhof green with envy, the Swedish pop stars quickly had the Dubai crowd eating from the palm of their hands.

Sleeping in my car followed, and the night was already won. Because even if you don’t think you know Roxette, you do and you can’t help yourself.

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14 thoughts on “World Tour 2011: Roxette bring the fun back to Dubai”

  1. I’m happy that the concert seemed to be a success for Roxette 🙂
    Just a bit odd that the journalist decides to end the article with: “Was it ground breaking? No. Was it profound? No. But did every single person who turned up leave the place with a smile on their face. Oh yes.”

    I don’t think the non die-hard fans realise just HOW BIG these concerts are for the true fans of this Swedish band!

  2. I was there (flying in from Saudi Arabia)…. It was huge. But does anyone know how many people attended that concert?

  3. The hall was indeed full, and I have a feeling that it was over 6000. Anyway, what matters is it was an amazing night. I wish I could have met the band. My daughter (11 years old) wanted so much to tell them how much she appreciated the concert, and how much she loves their music (that she’s heard since before she was born). Anyway, I hope we can go to another concert soon! 🙂

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