Four new concerts in the World Tour 2011 schedule

EMI Sweden sent out a new press release to the Swedish media yesterday which includes very interesting pieces of information:

– “Charm school” sold with almost 300,000 copies around the world
– Roxette was awarded with golden records for “Charm school” in Germany, Russia, Sweden and Switzerland
– over 220,000 people saw Roxette during their first 26 concerts in Russia, Eastern Europe, South America and South Africa

In addition, four new dates have been added to the World Tour 2011 schedule. No new countries, though.

10.10 Stadhalle, Vienna (Austria)
11.10 Olympiahalle, Munich (Germany)
30.10 Genève Arena, Geneva (Switzerland)
31.10 Hallenstadion, Zurich (Switzerland)


12 thoughts on “Four new concerts in the World Tour 2011 schedule”

  1. According to ifpi gold status: 40k sweden,50k russia, 100k germany, 30k swits. Total 220k. 80k for rest of the world?? Doesn’t add up i think it’s way way more! Mayb emi can give exact nr? Or mayb mr. Gessle him self lol

  2. Gold in Sweden only means 20 000 copies. And also, the gold award doesn’t mean that 20 000 copies has been sold, only that they have been shipped from EMI.

  3. Yeah, I was also kind of dissapointed about the 300.000 Charm School copies… Even the HAND album was sold more then 2 Mio. times! But this was in the ninties, maybe nowadays it is more difficult to sell records. Nevertheless, a great comeback! 🙂

  4. It’s MUCH harder to sell nowadays!

    It started with CD burners, then file-sharing à la Napster. Now there’s a whole generation who never bought a CD and you find the songs with a simple Google search. And of course Roxette lost some market during their absence. 😉

  5. 300,000 now is like 1,000,000 ten years ago. So well, we can compare CS to RS. And additionally – RS got much bigger support from the band that CS – on CS they concentrated on the tour.

  6. True, it’s harder to make money with CDs and that’s the main reason why record companies want their artists to go on tour. The Rolling Stones or U2 f. e. make most of their money due to merchandising. Strange but true. And by the way, IKEA makes most money with accessory (candles, frames, …) and not furniture 😉

    Record companies say, 100.000 sold units today is like 1.000.000 sold units 15 years ago.

  7. The sale hasn’t started yet and once again we were informed that some of these dates are still unofficial *sigh* Cannot understand why they cannot control the communication stream at their own departments.

  8. The communication of dates is bad, yes. What happend for example with the show in Hartwall arena that was mentoned in the newsleter a while ago?

  9. The Zurich concert would be a great chance for me, the day is good, but would have to fly back early the next day but Swiss Air do an early flight back, I could also fit in the Geneva date, but I like Zurich, loved it on the PC tour!

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