Upcoming USA releases by Roxette in sight!

Today the first signs of Roxette’s upcoming album releases in the USA got public. Both “Charm School” and a compilation named “Greatest Hits” will be released on July 26 by Capitol/EMI. We don’t know yet if the new Hits album features a re-shuffled tracklist or fresh artwork. The following press release was sent out and published by various plattforms:

HOLLYWOOD, Calif., May 31, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — After 25 years as a world-famous act with more than 70 million albums sold, one of Sweden’s top pop groups steps back into the spotlight a decade after the release of their last studio album (Room Service). Roxette’s acclaimed new album, Charm School, released internationally in February, will be released digitally in the U.S. on July 26 by Capitol/EMI. On the same date, Capitol/EMI will release a new collection of Roxette’s Greatest Hits on CD and digitally. Both titles will be available for album and individual song download purchase from all major digital service providers.

Charm School is a new album of 12 songs in a style that’s best described as “updated classic Roxette,” from the initial power pop fireworks of “Way Out” to the bittersweet closer, “Sitting On Top Of The World.” Roxette’s new Greatest Hits collection features 12 major chart hits and fan favorites, including “It Must Have Been Love,” “The Look,” “Listen To Your Heart,” “Dangerous,” and “Joyride,” as well as two new songs from Charm School.

The chances for a new Roxette album to happen looked slim when vocalist Marie Fredriksson was diagnosed with a brain tumor in the autumn of 2002. But Marie managed to defeat the illness, and starting in 2009, the pieces gradually fell together for Charm School’s creation. First, Marie and her Roxette partner, Per Gessle, were reunited onstage in Amsterdam to perform “It Must Have Been Love” and “The Look” during Per’s “Party Crasher” tour. Before long, Roxette had made a full-scale comeback as headliners for the “Night of the Proms” tour in front of more than 600,000 people in Holland, Belgium and Germany.

“By then we started to think ahead and plan for the possibility of making a new album – an album that captured everything that’s good about Roxette while still looking ahead,” said Gessle. During the tour, the band’s hotel rooms were transformed into recording studios where a string of new Roxette songs took shape.

Back home in Sweden, the work continued during the spring and autumn of 2010. Just as when the band recorded in their heyday, Per had written many songs from which to choose. The sensitive ballad “In My Own Way,” for example, is a rediscovered gem from 1984, when Gessle and Fredriksson’s shared dream of international recognition was yet to be realized, while the album’s newest song is the infectious groove-master single “She’s Got Nothing On (But The Radio),” written in the autumn of 2010.

Between those songs is everything that has made Roxette one of the world’s most radio played pop groups; the clinging melodies, the passionate delivery, the humorous pop sense and the unique mix of Marie Fredriksson’s and Per Gessle’s voices. All wrapped up in a musical package that is unmistakably 2011.

“For me, the starting point has always been to write songs for Marie’s voice,” said Gessle. “She got this ability to make you believe every word she sings, and that’s why she brings the stories to life. As a songwriter that’s an incredible gift to be a part of.”
Charm School was recorded in the south of Sweden and Stockholm with Clarence Ofwerman and Christoffer Lundqvist as producers (together with Per and Marie). The album is a magnificent return to form after ten years of trials and challenges. As Marie Fredriksson sings in one of the album’s quintessential tracks, “No One Makes It On Her Own.”

Roxette is currently on tour internationally, with European dates scheduled through July.

Source: PR Newswire

14 thoughts on “Upcoming USA releases by Roxette in sight!”

  1. So CS will only be digital in the US? Or will it be released on CD later?
    And again, a new greatest hits CD, but I want it anyway in my collection.

  2. RXB Text: “We don’t know yet if the new Hits album features a re-shuffled tracklist or fresh artwork.”

    Press Release: “Roxette’s new Greatest Hits collection features 12 major chart hits and fan favorites, including “It Must Have Been Love,” “The Look,” “Listen To Your Heart,” “Dangerous,” and “Joyride,” as well as two new songs from Charm School.”

  3. Oh, I should have read the text more carefully, was in a hurry! 😛

    Looks like the GH is the major release here, not CS. But they’d make big exports if the 2 CS tracks were the unreleased ones from the sessions. Pretty unlikely though! 😉

  4. I usually try not to post criticisms here (and the US releases are generally GREAT news) but why on earth are they putting 2 “Charm School” trax on the Greatest Hits?!? Seems weird…I thought they would just give HITS! a proper US release.

  5. I think EMI USA sees the GH as the more interesting release in terms of sales. Maybe they even want to promote it! Therefore new tracks make it more attractive.

  6. It will be interesting to see the final tracklisting…and the cover art!

  7. It’s not an US version of HIts, it is a new compilation with 14 tracks, 2 of them from CS (She’s got nothing on & Way Out most likely) unless they reuse the artwork and type 14 instead of 20.

  8. The 2006 “Hits” was released in the US back then, even the deluxe edition including a DVD.

    • Well, yes, and Per even went to US to promote it, though no one really knows what kind of promotion he did there as no footage was available anywhere. But Hits! back then was a big flop, even bigger than Edel deal. Don’t really expect anything big happening now, but if they sell few thousands, maybe there will be some company interested in having a theatre tour around US in the next months…

  9. Tracklisting for the GH CD/Digital in the US:

    Roxette: Greatest Hits [CD; Digital]
    ** Includes two new tracks from Charm School
    1. The Look
    7. Fading Like A Flower (Every Time You Leave)
    2. Dressed For Success
    8. Spending My Time
    3. Listen To Your Heart
    9. Church of Your Heart
    4. Dangerous
    10. Wish I Could Fly
    5. It Must Have Been Love
    11. She’s Got Nothing On (But The Radio)
    6. Joyride
    12. No One Makes It On Her Own

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