iTunes released “Video Hits!” digital compilation

On June 3 EMI Music Sweden released Roxette’s “Video Hits!” compilation on iTunes. It includes 22 videos with bonus clip called “Charm School (Behind The Scenes)”, which we assume is Charm school’s electronic press kit. It costs only 9,99 EUR or 2,49 EUR for each of videos.

1 Dressed For Success 4:06
2 Listen To Your Heart 5:03
3 Dangerous 3:52
4 The Look 3:51
5 It Must Have Been Love 4:15
6 Joyride 4:28
7 Fading Like A Flower (Every Time You Leave) 3:54
8 The Big L. 4:26
9 Spending My Time 4:32
10 How Do You Do! 3:11
11 Almost Unreal 4:02
12 Sleeping In My Car 3:41
13 Crash! Boom! Bang! 4:36
14 Run To You 3:36
15 Vulnerable 4:27
16 Wish I Could Fly 4:38
17 Stars 3:55
18 The Centre Of The Heart 3:28
19 Milk And Toast And Honey 4:11
20 A Thing About You 3:48
21 One Wish 3:16
22 She’s Got Nothing On (But The Radio) 3:36
23 Charm School (Behind the Scenes) 8:37

Thanks to Marc.

19 thoughts on “iTunes released “Video Hits!” digital compilation”

  1. I guess cover artwork for a digital video compilation isn’t that important to them. There have been worse single covers! 😛 *hint to one wish*

    I’d like to know if the video quality is better than from DVD. Who has bought a Rox video from iTunes already?

  2. Yeah, video quality. I’d like to know, too. Is it any better?
    I’ve given up hoping for a proper quality dvd release…

    (/me wonders why everyone hates the 1 wish cover…)

  3. Because it contains awkward expression, bad photoshopping and ugly 80s graphics. 🙂

  4. I don’t think a video dowloaded from iTunes or any other digital provider will have a better quality than a DVD release. I bet files are no heavier than 50 or 60 MB each.

  5. …and if we are talking about video hits, I think it’s a shame that their best video “Anyone” is not in this compilation!!! It may not have been their biggest hit, but in my opinion it is their best video, because it is really emotional, artistic and expressive. It tells a story and the pictures are great. I’d like to see this one on a reeeeeeally BIG screen! 🙂

  6. This would appear the week after I spent hours converting the DVD to MP4 for my iPad. I’d buy it if the videos are going to be in a decent quality, other than that I’ll stick to what’s already free…

  7. this must have been the bonus dvd from the limited edition south african tour

  8. I would have wished for a little more updated cover though…
    P.S. This is my first entry here 🙂 hi everyone ^^

  9. It’s available on iTunes Australia as is the video for “Way Out” : ) Disappointed that i have to purchase all the videos (again) to get the CS documentary though 🙁

    • You could have gotten from youtube by searching “Roxette Charm School EPK”. Length is the same, I’d love to have the english version of “Roxette 20 years” documentary.

  10. I’m not sure how to link a page from iTunes??

    Anyway I bought it yesterday & it’s still there today. It says release date was June 10th… Lucky that I happen to stumble on it : )

    It looks like it’s the second most bought Roxette video after LTYH when it displays “best-sellers” ; )

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