The Look goes metal

Some months we wrote about the album “Swedish Hitz Goes Metal”, which was released in May 2011 and includes metal covers of the biggest hits written by ABBA, Roxette and Ace Of Base.

We received an email from Niclas Eliasson with the link to their newly released video to “The Look”.

You can read more about the band and the album in this Facebook page.


9 thoughts on “The Look goes metal”

  1. Is it me, or do all these metal versions seriously lack creativity? And I think Roxette’s live version is rockier. 😛

  2. Well, it could have been worse… I guess it’s not supposed to be heavy metal, but radio-friendly metal.

  3. One of the worst covers ever (okay, ‘Roxette songs in Polish’ compilation from the mid 90s was even worse…). No suprise Per got sweaty while listening to this. If this is a metal song, then I should be a pope!

  4. Hey, that actually sounds cool. Though I agree with Sascha, Roxette Live Version is rockier, and being in the middle of wild Argentinian crowd, I felt like I was in a Heavy Metal concert.

  5. I actually like it, I heard it a few days ago and commented on YouTube, there is something cute about that singer with the blonde hair… 😉

  6. I think it’s far from the worst Roxette covers I’ve heard. It’s even worse when they try a ballad and want to sound like Marie. No need to mention the noisy D.H.T. trance (dance? house? whatever) versions of LTYH a couple of years ago, I couldn’t stand those.

    One thing is clear: these guys enjoyed playing the song.

  7. I like this. I love the vocals, the song fits well into the heavy style too (the great song as it is) and this verison also honors the original with the 80’s style.

    I like this more than the dance covers too.

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