The real thing: Cover for the “Greatest Hits” US edition!

Roxette Latinoamerica got hold of the cover artwork for the upcoming American best-of compilation. Here it is, based on an old (but still quite cool) “Joyride” booklet picture:

1. The Look
2. Dressed For Success
3. Listen To Your Heart
4. Dangerous
5. It Must Have Been Love
6. Joyride
7. Fading Like A Flower (Every Time You Leave)
8. Spending My Time
9. Church of Your Heart
10. Wish I Could Fly
11. She’s Got Nothing On (But The Radio)
12. No One Makes It On Her Own

To be released on July 26 – the same date as “Charm School” in the USA. See our previous entries about this subject below this post!

Meanwhile our reader Majdy informs about new articles in American media here and there.

Thanks to alekslerin!

12 thoughts on “The real thing: Cover for the “Greatest Hits” US edition!”

  1. @joy-rider: I do agree about the spacing but there’s always something… Overall it’s quite nice. I like the pic!

    Your 2nd proposal looks cool, but I’d kill the slashes. 🙂

  2. @sasha: Right, I also think it’s quite OK for the U.S. since good-spaced and detailed typography isn’t that important over there anyway … 😉 But please don’t do any harm to my slashes 😉

  3. Firstly I got the impression that the artwork was too old fashioned but taking into account that 9 out of these 12 tracks are from that era, well it is ok…

  4. The photo is ok, but way too OLD. The font used, kinda generic. But the worst thing about this release is not the design but the ridiculous tracklisting, it should have been more comprehensive. It makes it look like nothing happened between the “Joyride” album and “Wish I Could Fly”. I know the in-between singles didn’t make a big impact in the US chart, but this compilation offers a distorted image of Roxette’s whole career. Having “Sleeping In My Car” on it woudn’t hurt anyone (it was #50 in the US, not bad at all).

  5. And I have to thank my friend Leandro who passed me those links. I’ve been hearing She’s Got Nothing On The Radio quite a lot lately, which is great 🙂

  6. So far I only heard the new song on Sirius XM Satellite radio, a channel called 20 0n 20 (they play it several times per day) and another channel called BPM (they played the Rickfors remix on this one). I don’t know about the “regular” radio, though some of my friends said they heard a lot of Roxette on radio lately (but only their old hits). Of course, Per’s Nordic Rox played Rox quite a lot, but that doesn’t count.

    Anyway, if you wanna take a look how often SGNOBTR (and other Rox songs) played on Sirius XM, just go to this link :

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