World Tour 2011: Stavern, Norway – July 7 #44

Comment from Per Gessle

Thank you dear Stavern-people! We had a blast, you were singing so loud Pelle’s earplugs fell out!!! Great show, Marie in top shape and no rust whatsoever on this band after 9 days off the road. Clarence and myself have a slight cold of some sorts but we loved it anyway. Hope to come back to this beautiful place! Sleep now. Cheers, P.


01. Dressed for success
02. Sleeping in my car
03. The Big L
04. Wish I could fly
05. Only when I dream
06. She’s got nothing (but the radio)
07. Perfect day
08. It must have been love
09. Opportunity nox
10. 7Twenty 7
11. Fading like a flower
12. How do you do!
13. Dangerous
14. Joyride (introduced with “In the Hall of the Mountain King” by Edvard Grieg)

15. Watercolours in the rain
16. Spending my time
17. The Look

18. Listen to your heart
19. Church of your heart

Thanks to Brynjar Lokke for sending through the setlist

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