World Tour 2011: Roxette has landed in Tallinn

Roxette was going to perform in Tallinn on March 18, but the concert was cancelled due to Marie’s illness. New date was picked up – July 18th. Roxette landed in the Estonian capital yesterday and was welcomed by several photoreporters and fans. By the way, BoJo has finished his Metallica project and is back with the Rox gang again!

Per has left few words on the Facebook page on that:

Nice dinner in Tallinn. Walking the streets, saying hello and taking pix with friends and fans. Having a good time. Now it’s time for bed, super show tomorrow, right?

Pictures and reports: 1 2

TV-report 01

TV-report 02

TV-report 03

2 thoughts on “World Tour 2011: Roxette has landed in Tallinn”

  1. Anyone know what Marie was asked here? I only hear her saying “my baby wrote a new song why not?” I could be getting this wrong???

  2. Marie was asked if Roxette is going to celebrate their 25th anniversary in Estonia and what are they planning to do. Marie then answered that maybe they are going to write a new song in here.

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