– issues with tickets again – this time for Tivoli concert on Friday

Only few days ago a decision was made on the conflict between Live Nation and after the Roxette gig in Halmstad and here we have another matter to solve. has not got much of positive coverage in the Swedish and Danish media last days. They are selling tickets for the Roxette Copenhagen show that will take place at Tivioli on Friday, July 22nd five times more expensive (495 SEK instead of 95 SEK). Have a look at the latest headlines in both English and Swedish – they say (almost) all about the case.

The Daily Roxette – back in action (English) – Mats Pentmo: “I feel cheated by” (Swedish)
Expressen – Cheated with super expensive tickets (Swedish)
Aftonbladet – This is more or less cheating (Swedish)
Expressen – “This is how our company works” (Swedish) – Biljett Nu in a new row with Roxette (Swedish; TT Spektra agency’s article was published on several websites) – Tickets sites accused of false PR (Swedish)

2 thoughts on “ – issues with tickets again – this time for Tivoli concert on Friday”

  1. I actually wonder if this is actually legal. I mean, the company seems to specialise in reselling tickets. As such, I guess you can purchase tickets and simply resel them.. at whatever price you want/people want to pay for it, or?
    Of course, what they “forget” to mention is that it’s not even a ticket for THAT day but a ticket which can be used any day during summer to enter Tivoli.
    It’s I guess a matter of being able to live with this.

  2. you can also resell tickets on eBay and I never heard any complaint from Ticketmaster or whoever sells officially (rumors say that the same company sometimes resell their own tickets too).

    I think that people often ignore how to get them (or find it hard to handle with it) and these companies make profit of this. It is like reselling collectible items …

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