World Tour 2011: Tallinn, Estonia – July 18 #48

Comment from Per Gessle

Oh what a night it was it really was such a night….. My Gosh, Tallinn is exploding!!!! Super fabulous gig, amazing crowd, tremendous reception. Band really on its toes, Marie in top shape and it was pretty sweaty for me too! Thanx dears for making this a night to remember. Love to come back. Any day. Any time.

Marie Fredriksson, Tallinn (c) Mati Hiis for
Marie Fredriksson, Tallinn (c) Mati Hiis for


01. Dressed for success
02. Sleeping in my car
03. The Big L
04. Wish I could fly
05. Only when I dream
06. She’s got nothing (but the radio)
07. Perfect day
08. Thing will never be the same
09. It must have been love
10. Opportunity nox
11. 7twenty7
12. Fading like a flower
13. Silver blue
14. How do you do!
15. Dangerous
Band presentation
16. Joyride (introduced with “Kaera-Jaan”)

17. Watercolours in the rain
18. Spending my time
19. The Look

20. Listen to your heart
21. Church of your heart


9,000 people in the audience. The gig was moved from March 18th due to Marie’s illness.

Articles and photos (review) (before the concert + the concert start) (gallery 1) (gallery 2) (gallery) (gallery) (in front of the hotel gallery) (review) (after the concert) English review
Roxette’s tight performance at Saku Suurhall showed the band’s versatility. Marie Fredriksson was looking slim and sexy in black leather pants and a tank-top; the health problems that put the band in hiatus for several years appear behind her.

She sounded great too. Up-tempo numbers dominated the first half of the set. “She’s Got Nothing On but the Radio” and “7twenty7” showed Roxette’s rocker side. It’s a decidedly 80s rock aesthetic regardless of the decade of production – these are happy, unpretentious, good-time songs and are crowd pleasers.

There were some quiet moments a bit later that showed Roxette’s musicianship and soul. A stripped-down version of “Things Will Never be the Same” trumped the original, lending emotional depth to what used to be an over-synthed mid-tempo yawner. The numbers with minimal accompaniment showed why Fredriksson and Gessel are pop stars: They have good pipes. That and Gessel’s knack for writing catchy tunes propelled them to stardom.

4 thoughts on “World Tour 2011: Tallinn, Estonia – July 18 #48”

  1. Interesting English review. Is it only me noticing or has Marie’s whole presence changed in the course of 2 months? She seems A LOT more at ease and full of confidence now. Even her look is different! The 40 something concerts has definately elevated her to the next level 🙂 so happy about this!

  2. I was there, it was a truly wonderful and magical evening! I am writing an article for TDR and I´ll post some pics too.

  3. Well, I saw a concert last year, one concert in March and two in June this year and yes, it is visible that she has changed through all these months. She gives a lot of her energy and only God knows how much she has to fight before every concert. But she keeps on doing what she likes and hopefully it is something she feels happy about. So let’s hope for a lot more. At least Per told that there will be concert till next summer, so yes, it seems everything works more or less smooth. Good for them!

  4. This was an amazing concert! Roxette is certainly the greatest band ever! You have turned on Tallinn and You realy provide an ispiration for everyone!
    Thank You for this wonderful night and for all You do!
    We love You – Marie, Per and all Roxette!!!

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