Breaking news: Roxette to play Australia 2012

This was kind of predicitable since Per has announced further 80 dates in both 2011 and 2012. Roxette – after 17 years – will finally hit Sydney for one very special concert. If it sells out quickly, we at are sure that more gigs in Oz will be added to the schedule.


Roxette is out to play – By Music Editor Kathy McCabe


The most successful Swedish musical export since ABBA will play a special concert at the Sydney Entertainment Centre on February 17.


Australian fans have been agitating online for a local promoter to bring the pair back since Fredriksson and Gessle reignited Roxette and announced they would embark on a world tour.

Now touring throughout Europe, the shows have been scoring rave reviews with Gessle claiming his singer is “the best I’ve seen her since, hmm, the ’90s”.

He has also revealed they are making a new album with the working title 2Rism, with five songs already recorded and plans to continue putting down extra tracks as they tour.

Tickets for the show will go on sale on August 11.

Source: Daily Telegraph

15 thoughts on “Breaking news: Roxette to play Australia 2012”

  1. OMG my home town!! Over the moon about this :))) I’m currently in Europe having seen three shows & I’m sure there gonna blow the Aussie audiences away!! Whoo!! 😉

  2. My day is justgetting better. Not only Roxette but 1927 too!!! So glad they are coming. Be nice to have it Melbourne too

  3. i cant believe this moment has come in my lifetime. my dreams have come true. i have always said that if i was a millionaire or marrying a rich person, i would only want one group singing at my wedding..Roxette. I can now get married at the concert. Now just have to find a man

  4. THIS IS AWESOME NEWS!! I HAVE MY TICKETS! I really hope they play ” RUN TO YOU” and the song out of the mario movie “AlMOST UNREAL” If they play those songs it would be UNREAL! lol…

  5. I have my tickets too! But I’m right up the back so if they play another Sydney concert I will see if I can get better tickets. It was good timing as a friend’s birthday was coming up and I had no idea what to get him. He’s OS at the moment so probably has no idea that the concert is coming up, so it will be a great surprise, as we’ve always talked about wanting to see Roxette live but thought they would never come back to Australia. And he is single, so jays, there’s hope for you!!!

  6. Hey people, if you are so kind, can you please show us how the Aussie ticket looks like? We are going to start a topic where we collect all World Tour 2012 tix – of course, please remove bare codes from scans/photo 🙂 If you can, please send it to

  7. Ticket pic sent mate. I must say it looks good sitting in my passport with my Halmstad ticket from last year. Hopefully I can add a few more to my collection before this tour is out. (I don’t think I could have attended two concerts any further apart than that!)

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