New “She’s got nothing on (but the radio)” cover – watch it!

Have you heard the new orchestral cover of the latest Roxette hit single “She’s got nothing on (but the radio)”? If not, heads over to German ZDF website for more. Like it?

Roxette Official comment:


Thanx for the link Dani. Life will never be the same.

6 thoughts on “New “She’s got nothing on (but the radio)” cover – watch it!”

  1. Ingenious lyrics “… she’s a passion day, I like a pretty (?) day, she takes my bread away…” LOL and this is in fact now the first time that I come to understand the line “… it must have been lunch but it’ over now …” So cool!!!! LOL

  2. i like it a lot – THE INSTRUMENTAL without the vocals only! there is a lot of energy in those instruments and arrangement.

    roxette should put this instrumental-track of that very big band as a “ghost track” on 2Rism 🙂 would be cool and different and would make 2Rism even more colourful!

  3. I like the orchestral sound too, its cool. It seems Rox songs work well in this kind of style, how cool was NOTP. I’d love an album or whatever with a heap of songs redone with an orchestra!

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