6 thoughts on “New “She’s got nothing on (but the radio)” cover – watch it!”

  1. Ingenious lyrics “… she’s a passion day, I like a pretty (?) day, she takes my bread away…” LOL and this is in fact now the first time that I come to understand the line “… it must have been lunch but it’ over now …” So cool!!!! LOL

  2. i like it a lot – THE INSTRUMENTAL without the vocals only! there is a lot of energy in those instruments and arrangement.

    roxette should put this instrumental-track of that very big band as a “ghost track” on 2Rism 🙂 would be cool and different and would make 2Rism even more colourful!

  3. I like the orchestral sound too, its cool. It seems Rox songs work well in this kind of style, how cool was NOTP. I’d love an album or whatever with a heap of songs redone with an orchestra!

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