Rumours: Yet another concert in 2011 website informs that another concert was added to the World Tour 2011 schedule. This time is Kiev, Ukraine at Palace of Sports and the date is December 6th. This will be the second Roxette concert in Ukraine ever, after the first one which took place on March 10th this year. This date is not yet confirmed.

Thanks to Evgeny Perekopskiy for information.

7 thoughts on “Rumours: Yet another concert in 2011”

  1. YEY!!!!))) I’ll be so happy if it is true!!! The first concert in Kiev was the dream coming true, but the second is…. OMG – I’m happy:))

  2. He seems to link to everything we have published recently, so I’m not really sure if he just wants to share this rumour with world or if he really means it 🙂 Anyway, hope for the greatest!

  3. Nah, I don’t think he would link to something against his plans or too premature reports. For example he skipped the Viña del Mar story on TDR.

  4. If that rumor happens then I am sure that will be my first day I watch their concert live. I am a fan of them for almost one decade but I never try to come and watch their concert. I just saw Per and Marie accidentally during their arrival at airport. And that was my first time seeing them but sadly not that near. I am wondering if this rumor is true since as far as I know there tour will end on December 3. So how come they can concert at this date?

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