Rumours: Roxette to tour Argentina and Paraguay 2012

Roxette Latinoamerica blog informs that Roxette is going to perform several concerts in South America in April and May 2012. There is no official source to this information, so please note, that these are only rumours – at the moment. We are also sure, that more South American countries will be on the schedule, when we will receive the official confirmation.

Here below are the possible dates:

Monday, April 23 Buenos Aires, Argentina – Luna Park
Tuesday, April 24 Buenos Aires, Argentina – Luna Park (Possible Second Date)
Thursday, April 26 Neuquen, Argentina – Ruca Che
Saturday, April 28 Mar del Plata, Argentina – Sports
Monday, April 30 Rosario, Argentina – Metropolitan
Thursday, May 3 Salta, Argentina – Delmi
Saturday, May 5 Asuncion, Paraguay – Yacht Club

6 thoughts on “Rumours: Roxette to tour Argentina and Paraguay 2012”

  1. Dear above, please read this info once again. You will get all answers to your questions. It’s a rumour, it’s not the final list.

  2. Per Gessle can say this is a rumour but this is the tour plan for next year. Since I got the information the tour plan change. For example: Luna Park was move from April 24 to April 23 & the chance for a second night was add on. I got access for the dates to Argentina & Paraguay only. I have no information about Chile or Brasil. This information can change but I want to be very clear about this information. This is NOT A RUMOUR.

  3. “I got access for the dates to Argentina & Paraguay only”… Who are you? You’re not part of the management. You also got access to a supposed concert that was going to take part in the city of Neuquén in 2011, and nothing happened in the end. Alekslerin, stop spreading your lies, for god’s sake.

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