Marie Fredriksson and Per Gessle “Orginal Album Series” are out

As we have informed in the end of June, EMI Music Sweden is releasing “Orginal Album Series” 5CD boxsets of its most popular Swedish artists on 17th August. Despite expectations, only Marie Fredriksson and Per Gessle’s sets will be out tomorrow; no info re Gyllene Tider’s albums.

You can purchase these two sets for SEK 159 each on – the official Roxette retailer.

According to information posted on the promotional poster these albums:

– are fully remastered from orginal tapes or CDs
– are in paper sleeves
– have orginal front covers
– have orginal tracklistings

6 thoughts on “Marie Fredriksson and Per Gessle “Orginal Album Series” are out”

  1. please post details about booklets, remastered/old CDs etc. when you have it! does it mean that there will be no GT boxset? I was looking forward to buy it…

  2. There are no booklets, prize is very low so we cannot really expect much beside improved audio quality of the older album (especially the first two of Per Gessle).

    GT boxset was only a rumour as it seems now.

  3. Well, I ordered the boxsets from Marie and Per on a few days ago. There was written that they should be released on the 17th of August. But now there is stated on the site that the boxsets are not available and that it’s unknown when they will be released.

    I’m still hoping that I have bought the last boxsets which had in stock, but I feel that I’m wrong. I guess they will cancel my order because they can’t deliver it for some reason. 🙁

    Nevertheless, in this case, I will buy the boxsets elsewhere, I’m dying to see them and listen to them! I only have “Den Ständiga Resan” from Marie, so for me it’s a really good offer!

  4. shipping costs are too much 16,39€ and the boxes 17,97€! shipping is 4,95€ and the boxes are 17,95€. can not deliver… at the moment, it’s also like the release of Christoffers Album it was approx 3 weeks later…

  5. Hey the_rain, thank you for the hint with! I’ve never heard of this site before, but it’s really good and quite cheap! I’ve ordered the CDs now there!

    Btw, the customer service there is amazing, I had a question and wrote them and they replied in a few hours!

    If the CDs arrive also that fast… 🙂

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