“Speak To Me” video premiere tomorrow

Per Gessle announced on the Roxette official facebook page that “Speak To Me” video will be premiered tomorrow noon in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. You’ll be able to watch the video on MyVideo EMI Channel.

The rest of the world will get an international link on Sunday. That is, if it doesn’t make it to YouTube before that, as Per says.

14 thoughts on ““Speak To Me” video premiere tomorrow”

  1. “Speak to me” doesn’t get (much) airplay here (Munich/GER) but they still play “SGNO” every day. Can a video change that situation?

    Will the video be for the Bassflow remake or the Roxette version? I don’t like the Bassflow-version. It sounds somehow cheap. Where is the groove of real instruments? Not timeless and it weakens the song to a “Schlager-level”.

    Am I the only one who thinks “Charm School” only has 2 real hit singles? “SGNO” and “Big Black Cadillac”. I think it’s a great album but not when it comes to perfect produced “radio-singles”.

  2. Well… RealSugar… I don’t agree with your view on the “Charm School” single potential. I really think that “Dream on” (my personal favourite) and “No one makes it on her own” as well as “Speak to me” are perfect radio hit singles.

    I do wonder though if the video will be for the album version of “Speak to me” or the Bassflow remix… well, we will find out in less than half an hour. I remember that “Stars” got a nice remix as well (called the “Almighty single version”), however they used the album version for the video.

  3. When it comes to EMI/Roxette “noon” is a very elastic term. I wouldn’t be surprised if the video is online at around 4 pm.

    • Sorry, I have to correct myself … EMI Germany is of course just in time …

      The video is great and makes the song (the Bassflow remix) better and “heavier” that it acutally is. Cool!!

  4. It’s similar to the Way Out clip, but shot in slow-mo. At first I was disappointed since I longed for a clip more in context to the lyrics. But somehow this videos empowers the song! I see it as a celebration of Roxette’s resurrection. 🙂

  5. While reading the comments here I thought: “Oh no, please not!” But now that I saw the video for the first time, I’m a bit released. It is similar to the Way Out-video, but really way better with an interesting, “flowing” atmosphere, more artistic. It fits perfectly to the atmosphere of the Bass-flow-remake. And now I’m used to this remake, I like it and it sounds good on the radio.

    But on the other hand, I’m still a bit disappointed that they haven’t made a video with a real story like “Anyone” or “Spending my time” or “I got a thing about you”. And with a well-known director. I think we have to face the fact that Roxette nowadays don’t get the budget from EMI for big videos. This time has gone. And maybe EMI thinks that they are too old, in the last videos with all the black and white and the heavy light in SGNO, they try to hide the fact that they are 53 years old now. But what is so wrong with being 53?! They still got great personalities! Even Marie’s recent video of “Där Du Andas” shows her without light and special effects and she looks great! Watch yourself:


    To sum up: I love Roxette, their music is still great and I can live with the new video. But it could have been better.

  6. Seems like it didn’t make it yet to YouTube…
    I also can’t find a decent proxy through which I can watch it…

  7. Hello,

    Finally out as promised ! Great video I hope the radios will boost this song too. This must become an hit so push all the whish list and´shot from every available gun into the radios!
    Finally there must be an CD-single out which fans can buy and collect- I really like to do everything as an fan can do to promote this new song- Roxette needs new evergreens and that is one. It depends on the people to support them. I really hope that we can do that. My personal feeling is that next song will be Big blak cadillac… everybody has his and her favorites but it only an personal chart.. In reality we all love all rox songs so pleas support them as youCAN!!!

  8. Don’t know why. But when the video was announced, I was expecting a PROPER video, up to the standards of an international act in high demand like Roxette is these days. I was too much optimist, because this just another ‘tour video’, a collage of images superimposed with some backgrounds music. I am really disappointed. But I understand them, somehow : they’re totally focused in the tour right now and this video is intended to be available through Youtube online. I doubt it will be broadcasted anywhere else, so I guess it’s wise if they didn’t want to invest more time/money in this.

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