World Tour 2011: Sao Paulo Video Bootleg

In courtesy of Bianca from we are happy to share with you the unofficial DVD bootleg recorded from the VIP area with a Panasonic Lumix ZS7 in HD (720p) on the Sao Paulo concert, April 19. Our Brazilian friends used 4shared to upload it, just because they did not have a good bandwidth to seed in a Torrent. Disc 1 is zipped in four parts and Disc 2 in three parts. When the download is complete, you will have to burn the VIDEO_TS folder stright into DVD.


Dressed for success
Sleeping in my car
The Big L.
Wish I Could Fly
Only When I Dream
She’s Got Nothing On (But the Radio)
Perfect Day
Things Will Never Be The Same
It Must Have Been Love
Opportunity Nox
Fading Like a Flower (Every Time You Leave)
How Do You Do!
Band Intro
Joyride (Intro: “Trem das Onze”)
Watercolours in the Rain
Spending My Time
The Look

Way Out
Listen to Your Heart
Church of Your Heart


15 thoughts on “World Tour 2011: Sao Paulo Video Bootleg”

  1. Thats really cool, but how do I do it? Every time I press download a window pos up that you need a payable premium version. Or am I doing sth wrong? Thanks for clearing it up!

  2. Hello gyllene_tjej, you’re problably clicking on “download all files” button. This is just for 4shared premium users. Download a single file each time and it will be ok 🙂

  3. i sorted it out. Got mysrlf a 4shared desktop tool.

    If the quality holds as in the sample then I am dying to watch it right now!!! Just about to burn it on a disc

    Thank you Brasilian Roxer!!!!

  4. hi thanks to the brazilian fans and to you for posting. any chance to have the coverart for printing?. the one post in here cannot be printed properly.

  5. The files have just been deleted while I was still downloading 🙁
    Any help anyone??? 🙁

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