World Tour 2011: Døgnvillfestivalen, Tromsø, Norway – September 1 #53

Yesterday Roxette played their only concert during the tour break in August and September at a festival in Norway.

Per’s comment:

Oh Yeah! Tromsö! Have you seen this place? Far out!!! It’s so far north you wouldn’t believe it but it’s the greatest place on Mother Earth. We had a blast at the festival. Headlining in front of a great crowd. The band was superb even though we haven’t played together for a month. And, hey, no soundcheck = No cheatng! Love you guys!

Articles and photos: (Review) “In summary, Roxette was a straightforward, fully chewed and partially enjoyable nostalgia trip.” (Video report) “The audience was delighted with the Roxette concert.” (Review, rating 5/6) “Hit-parade, singing and a perfect ending to the first Døgnvilldag 2011” (Review) “All in all a very nice concert, which perhaps lacked a little energy, but the Swedes can definitely still deliver to their fans.” (Photo gallery) (Review) (Photo gallery)

11 thoughts on “World Tour 2011: Døgnvillfestivalen, Tromsø, Norway – September 1 #53”

  1. Marie is nearly bald now … her hair was shorter and whiter than ever yesterday … Oh no!!

    But at least model Agyness Dean wears the “Roxette-Cut” (that’s how they call it) on the latest issue of ELLE.

    It seems this hair stlye is high fashion/modern again (horray) but unfortunately “The Original” – Marie – lost it. 🙁

  2. I’m not a fan of this supershort cut either – makes older/harder than necessary. Let it grow, Marie! 🙂

  3. Marie you’re fabulous BUT…. please getting your hair cut that short. It does not flatter. You suit your hair longer. Great vocals by the sound of it last night. xx

  4. I like a little bit longer hair more, too.

    But I don’t think this very short haircut is less original than the longer one. Marie had very short hair during the Crash Boom Bang times too.

    And maybe she doesn’t want to look as young as possible but feels comfortable with her age – and that it shows. Maybe that has something to do with women’s role in Northern Europe and feminism in Sweden, too. I think she makes Cher and Madonna look a little bit ridiculous with their plastic surgeries.

  5. Am also happy, that Marie has not a Botox-face like most woman over 50 in show biz do.

    But a stylish haircut is different. True, during CBB-time she had nearly as short hair but she was not even 40 years old then …

    Hair are “a frame” for the face – and the shorter the hair, the bigger everything else looks – ears, nose, chin … and even wrinkles. Longer hair softens a face which would be a good idea for Marie. She looked so beautiful (and feminin) on the “behind the scenes” photos of ATAY-video shooting or on the Room Service album cover.

    So a nice frame makes a good picture even better … Marie, let it grow 😉

  6. I was about to post the link to Agyness Deyn’s article too. I think Marie can still rocks that hairstyle even better (so glad that the fashion industry still remember her iconic style).

    But what can I say, it seemed she likes the shorter style better and nothing we can do about it. Though, if I was her, I’ll let it grow just a little bit, makes it darker, more like dirty blonde (something like that).

  7. I don’t like this extreme short hair too. It makes Marie look very hard and masculine.

    I just love Agyness Dean’s recent look (which is indeed somehow Marie’s old look …)

    In this music video Agyness (re)mixed Marie’s looks of “TheLook/DressedForSuccess”, “SpendingMyTime” and “HowDoYouDo”. Watch it, and like it!

    I wouldn’t be too surprised, if Agyness showed up at the London concert of Roxette …

  8. Even though we all love her hair longer (like the Room Service era), the bottomline is that Marie looks stronger every day. She´s singing better and better, slowly daring to make little improvisatios as she used to. Check it out:
    The break seems to suit her perfectly! If she feels more comfortable been almost bald, fine by me.

  9. Besides Maries haircut, which seems to be the most interesting thing about this gig… does somebody know the setlist of this evening?

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