Countdown to German radio prize gala with Roxette

As reported some time ago, Roxette will perform tonight at “Der Deutsche Radiopreis” gala in Hamburg, Germany. Marie & Per have landed in Germany and acts are having soundchecks right now.

What we still don’t know is if Roxette will perform playback, live, singback or whatever. Per said they “prepared” music for this event some days ago, whatever that means. German radio channel “NDR 2″– part of the organizers – told their listeners today, that Roxette will perform “She’s Got Nothing On” additionally to the announced “Speak To Me” stage premiere.

The show will start at 20:05 European Summer time and will be broadcasted live on 50 (!) German radio stations and via video stream on the official website They started posting backstage videos already!

6 regional TV stations will broadcast the gala all over Germany, with “NDR Fernsehen” being the first on 22:00 CEST.

In Hamburg for the German Radio Awards! Performing tonite. Pelle lost his bag in Stockholm. Chris lost his mind.

The radio stations:
bremen vier, hr3, MDR JUMP, NDR 2, RBB radioBerlin, SR AntenneSaar, SWR 3, WDR 2, B5 plus, 94,3 rs2, 94.5 Radio Cottbus, 105‘5 Spreeeradio, ANTENNE MV, alster radio 106!8, Berliner Rundfunk 91.4, bigFM, delta radio, ENERGY Berlin, ENERGY Hamburg, ENERGY München, ENERGY Nürnberg, ENERGY Rhein-Main, ENERGY Stuttgart, Hit-Radio Antenne, HIT RADIO FFH, HITRADIO OHR, Oldie 95, Radio 7, RADIO 21, RADIO BOB!, radio ffn, Radio Hamburg, Radio Hitwave, Radio NORA, RADIO PSR, radio SAW, ROCKLAND, ROCKLAND RADIO, RPR1, R.SH Radio Schleswig-Holstein, Schwarzwaldradio, ANTENNE BAYERN, HITRADIO RTL, NRW-Lokalradios, Radio Regenbogen.

The television stations:
NDR, MDR, WDR, hr, rbb, SWR.

5 thoughts on “Countdown to German radio prize gala with Roxette”

  1. After watching their performance I really hope, Marie feels good and is healthy! I’m kind of confused now …

    And another thing: SGNO(BTR) is a big hit for sure and was the best choice as comeback single, “Speak to me” didn’t catch me tonight.

  2. I hope that in the future, marie let more interviews with Gessle, and therefore appear more in public …. was not in the red carpet tonight 🙁 (
    of course she feels good, and that’s what counts!

  3. Yeah, you’re right – she was probably feeling good, if not, they did cancel the show anyway.

    But: Marie looked very strained and focused – not as easy as she is on the live stage – no smiling, not looking to the camera or comunicating with the audience … and once again, that supershort white hair didn’t flatter.

    The good thing is, they showed the “Speak to me”-video on the big screen so all the important radio people in the audience saw, how big Roxette is live 🙂

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