Speak To Me – second edition of the vinyl single

Do you remember embarrassing EMI typo on the “Speak to me” back cover? It seems it has been sorted out somehow and the correct edition is available on the market. Daniel Kühn from Germany sent us a picture which clearly shows this change.

3 thoughts on “Speak To Me – second edition of the vinyl single”

  1. Besides this slice of AWESOME news (joke), I think it would be also interesting an update about the Charm School chart placings. As I reported before, it was revealed the album was #1 in Argentina and the best-selling album in February… I’d like to see that published here as well. Thanks.

  2. If you can write something about the South-American successes and back it up with sources, we’d be happy to publish! It’s quite hard to check that chart info for a northern man… 😉
    I stopped updating the CS chart table because I thought it got quite boring over time, when an album just drops step by step. Btw, CS was in the German charts until 2 or 3 weeks ago.

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