Party after the concert in Madrid and Barcelona? We need your help!

Roxspain, the Spanish Fanclub, is working to organise an after-concert party in Madrid and Barcelona to celebrate the return of Roxette to our country. The party in Madrid would probably be the day before the concert. The one in Barcelona right after the concert.

We would like to know how many of you would assist to these parties so that we have an idea what kind of pub or disco we should book for that.

Please  go to the events we created on Facebook and click on “YES, I will attend”:

Madrid event

Barcelona event

or answer this poll.  Thank you!


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1 thought on “Party after the concert in Madrid and Barcelona? We need your help!”

  1. Hope someone there can help. I am travelling from Dublin (Ireland) for the Madrid concert on 18th November, have booked tickets but the only tickets available are standing. However I am on crutches and cannot stand for very long time – I know there are many seats at the venue (Palacio Vistalegre) but do any of you Madrid Roxette fans know if I can sit on the seats during the concert or are they closed off? Thanks

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