Roxette to play in South America and Stockholm 2012

Yesterday Per Gessle was interviewed on the Nordic Rox programme and he mentioned about the new album possibly out spring 2012. He mentioned places where Roxette have done recordings: Dubai, South Africa, Argentina, Russia etc. He also said they were planning to go back to South America next year. So our little rumour is getting closer to be confirmed. It seems like this tour gets bigger and bigger with everyday. Few weeks ago we were informed about 120 shows in total – now the number increased with over 30 concerts!

It looks like it’s going be about 150 – 160 shows. And we’ve done 53. 100 is left.

Additionally, at the Russian Oriflame company internal meeting, it was revealed that Roxette will play in Stockholm next August. The concert will take place in the Globen as part of Oriflame’s Gold Conference 2012 event. It seems like it will be a full-length concert. You can watch an insider presentation from Russia here.

Thanks to Miedy Bishop and RoxetteCafe for these pieces of information.

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  1. 160 shows? Wow, if it goes on like this they can really make it a “neverending” tour. Should just keep room for recordings, releases and recovery in between! 🙂

    So the Oriflame gig will be a private/corporate event?

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