Coldplay single “Paradise” inspired by “Wish I Could Fly”?

Belgian newspaper “Het Nieuwsblad” reports about a striking similarity between the backing tracks (not the vocal melody) of Coldplay’s new single “Paradise” and Roxette’s hit “Wish I Could Fly” from 1999. Coldplay have been in the focus of plagiarism claims before with previous singles, so the author asks if Chris Martin & Co. have asked Marie & Per in advance for this kind of “inspiration”. Judge for yourself:


5 thoughts on “Coldplay single “Paradise” inspired by “Wish I Could Fly”?”

  1. I think there’s sort of similarity in the arrangements and harmonies but not at all in the vocal melodies. Also the choruses differ very much.

  2. Inspiration maybe, plagiarism not. Whatever the author hears, it’s free promo for Roxette in Belgium! 😛

  3. Nice promo for Rox, the complaint is at least ridculous. Agree with Sascha, probably similar arrangements… and nth else.

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