Vienna (Austria) is getting ready for Roxette

Roxette will give a concert in Vienna, Austria, next Monday 10th of October. This concert is in a way special because of two reasons: it will be the first “official” concert of the European Autumn leg of the neverending tour, which also means a new stage and maybe maybe maybe even a new setlist, and the “first” one after the last concert of the summer tour.

“First” and “official” if you allow me to consider the concert in Tromsø, Norway in September part of the summer tour and the corporate concert Roxette gave for Vestas Wind Systems in Herning, Denmark, last Sunday as not part of the Autumn tour.

I feel that it is special also in another way. The Austrian media has published a couple of articles about the concert, Roxette sounds more often on the radio, and last but not least, currently 2 contests are running to meet Per (ORF) or Roxette (Krone) next Monday.

And as a funny note. I just received a warning from ARBÖ, an Austrian car club, for traffic jam which might be caused by Roxette  on Monday. They warn about possible traffic jams around the area of the concert place, Stadthalle, before and after the concert and advice people to either take the public transport (free with the concert ticket) or plan to go to the concert with enough time. And, of course, getting back home by car might also take a while.

And I am currently thinking, Christoffer was given some suggestions for songs to play during the Joyride intro. Which one will make it? We’ll find out on Monday!

The countdown has started 🙂

PS: consider this more a blog than real news, I am also somehow getting excited about the concert, the first one for a long time I don’t have to travel to somewhere and is so to say “next door” and “home”. If I am allowed to consider myself already half “wiener” after living some years here… But my Spanish side will be present as well, specially because two dear Spanish magic friends are joining the concert as well! I just say “Claaaaaaarence, Claaaaaarence”.

6 thoughts on “Vienna (Austria) is getting ready for Roxette”

  1. Good article Judith!
    I have nice memories from the concert in Vienna -2001 .
    I’m sure this time everything will be even better!!

    Have a nice concerts everyone !
    ..ooohh I’m getting exited as well..
    can’t wait anymore

  2. Same happened to me, attending a Roxette concert just 5 blocks from my apartment is incredible.

    Have fun there! And let us know everything in a review (changes in the setlist, new visual effects…)

  3. I thought only Justin Bieber concerts that can cause traffic jam 🙂 I guess it’s a sign that Roxette is still one of the biggest band in the whole world. Can’t wait to read the review and I wish everyone who are lucky to be there having such marvelous time.

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