Charm School Revisited?

Our reader Sven informed us that has a new Roxette item in its offer to be released on November 25th called “Charm School Revisited”. There are no details given yet. We can only assume that it might be updated version of live CD, which has had some volume problems.

5 thoughts on “Charm School Revisited?”

  1. Hmm, maybe the “other” project? May I understand the “revisited” literally or does my English fool me? It’s part of the title and not additional info after all…

  2. Well… demos? documentary (it was said it would be out Spring next year)… kind of strange – but there is a great gap after Spanish concert and three-last-ones on the East.

  3. Demos? Outtakes? Making Charm School documentary DVD? Would be great. And new album, documentary next spring… Really exciting time for a Roxfan nowadays.

  4. Per hinted some weeks ago in Vienna “I’ve been working on another project which I can’t tell you about at this point. Before Christmas I’ll let you know..”
    Perhaps this is the project.

    I don’t think they have remixed all tracks since they hardly had time to record the so called 2rism. Perhaps a bonus dvd with the videos from Charm School, the EPK and a documentary about the tour. Who knows…

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