Per Gessle for The West Australian: I was a big Nirvana fan

Simon Collins of The West Australian has written a very positive article about Roxette’s current tour and success the band has been experiencing in the last months. Have a look at the full interview and here below you find the most interesting quotes from the Man.

About Marie’s illness and her recovery

“I would compare it to when you have some trouble with your computer, you have to restart the computer from scratch, and that is exactly what she had to do with her life.”

About China concert back in 1995

“It was all students and it was just a fantastic feeling to be part of it, I remember, everyone was just crying afterwards because there were two guys in the audience and they had this banner for the last song, and it said ‘One world, one unity’. I’ll never forget that.”

About grunge wave

“I was a big Nirvana fan, I really loved that band but it sort of destroyed that whole thing that we were part of – Bryan Adams, Roxette, Phil Collins . . . all that kind of stuff. That’s the nature of the game. Trends come and go and, if you’re lucky, you have your years.”