Roxette landed in Tel Aviv

Swedish duo Roxette have arrived to Israel earlier today. Per Gessle flew to Tel-Aviv at three in the morning with a direct flight from Frankfurt, accompanied by family and friends. Marie Fredriksson came with earlier flight. Along with Marie and Per – 30 crew members and 6 tons of equipment came to the Holy Land.

Currently Roxette concert is the most popular event in the country with no 1 on charts with several thousand tickets sold so far. No cameras are allowed in the open-air venue on Saturday.

Check some photos from the airport.

5 thoughts on “Roxette landed in Tel Aviv”

  1. It seems like the concert will be indoors in one of the many pavilions of the exhibition grounds centre, and as stated on the tickets, no PROFESSIONAL cameras are allowed..

  2. I don’t know where that camera info came from, but guess it’s like everywhere else: Pocket cams allowed, DSLR not.

  3. Sacha I truely hope so, can someone official please comment to that? This is the forst concert I am going to participate, and I come from far away, will a pcoket camera be OK to enter with? definitely not Reflex or SLR one…

  4. Even if security should take your cam away, you’d get it back after the gig.

    I doubt any official from the Tel Aviv concert organization reads here. From Roxette’s side it’s no problem.

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