No DVD-shooting in Barcelona?

According to our sources, Roxette have decided not to film the forthcoming Barcelona concert despite previous announcments. It does not mean that the DVD project is cancelled – it is very likely that recording of the concert will take place in 2012 – somewhere outside Europe.

10 thoughts on “No DVD-shooting in Barcelona?”

  1. ooo Australia perhaps? Sydney????

    Bit of a shame though, now we have to wait a little longer for it 🙁

  2. Hoping they shoot something should they return to South America. The fan-shot footage of some of the shows over there were amazing!

  3. This must be a joke…and completly unfair if it’s true!

    1º. Have they thought about the spanish fans who were waiting for that day? Why did the announce the recording and now NOT do it?
    2º. What about the fans from other countries that will travel to Spain specially to this concert because it was going to be recorded?
    3º. If they don’t do it in Spain and record a concert “outside Europe”, I can assume it will be Sudamerica.. really? After giving them the chance of seeing Roxette live A LOT of days this year, they will get this too?
    4º. Don’t the spanish fans, after years and years of loyalty, deserve this?

    • Why is it so important if you attend a recorded concert? Did you expect a close-up shot of your face? I think the recoding was a nice bonus for the traveling fans, but not the main reason. The Barcelona gig should be great on it’s own! And nobody knows of the video will be shot in SA.

    • Did the South American fans have the chance to see Roxette a lot of days? Haha. For the South American fans who didn’t have the chance to travel to Europe, the waiting was 16 YEARS long (since the CBB tour in 1995). You had them in 2001 twice (the showcase and the proper tour later). And most of the Spanish fans I know had the chance to follow Roxette/Gessle/GT all over Europe, during their solo tours or NOTP. I am afraid you don’t have a reason to complain… And the fans who will travel to Spain *because* the DVD was supposed to be recorded there are just stupid, sorry.

      I don’t think the concert will be filmed in Australia, as Live-ism was already filmed there. The live-document of the 1994-95 tour came from South Africa. I think it’s time for South America now.

  4. Did I say the recording is the main reason? I said fans would come “specially” to this concert because of that but I suppose any fan that will travel to Barcelona has seen them in any other place too. Of course I’m not waiting for a “close-up” shot of my face.. I wouldn’t even like that but the feeling of whatching the DVD at home and think “I was there” it’s something many fans want to have.
    I said SA because in the new they said it will be “somewhere outside Europe” and we all know what does mean.. a hot concert in a country as Argentina or Brasil.
    I just don’t find fair that they said they were goint go record a dvd and now they won’t (if they FINALLY don’t)

    • @Justme: while I agree communication from Roxette’s side was not optimal, the “fans from x country deserve this more than the fans from x country” is ridiculous.

      There are many reasons I can think of why the Barcelona show will not be recorded for a DVD release:
      1-The concert is not sold out. I doubt Roxette managed to sell 24.000 tickets in such a short period of time when the concert was moved to the bigger venue considering the original place had a capacity of 3.000
      2-A live DVD usually is recorded in a city where the artist is perfoming 3-4 nights, so they can record all concerts and choose the best performance from each song. Considering Marie’s problem with the lyrics, it makes perfect sense to record several shows.
      3-Production costs in Europe are very high. That’s why most artists record their DVDs somewhere else nowadays.
      4-My bet? Australia. Since they are releasing Tourism 2, it wouldn’t surprise me that they release Live-ISM 2 🙂

  5. Barcelona is a nice city, so this shouldn’t be a problem if there is no recording planned – there are plenty of things to see and visit anyway.

    Writting about “not being fair” makes me laugh. live with that, there is nothing you can do. Getting angry is no solution.

  6. Hullo! I think the reason is that wont be enough audience in this concert, maybe 4000 people, and in madrid about 5000 thats what i’ve listened i cant remember where…because of the lack of promo in spain, the single was a flop and the album so and so… Spanish fans forgot roxette, no much new fans and older ones dont reaction, maybe the crisis?

  7. They should do it in South America. With all those crazy jumping and singing fans. Or in Sydney? But the show in the Sydney Entertainment Centre has seats only, hasn’t it?

    I guess the arena in Barcelona will be only half full and that would look bad on DVD. A live DVD needs a full, cooking house!!

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