Dea Norberg – new Roxette’s backing vocalist

Per Gessle in today’s Daily Roxette interview revealed that Dea Norberg, Swedish singer and choirgirl who sang in most of Sweden’s Eurovision Song Contest entries during the 2000s, will replace Helena Josefsson on the Roxette’s World Tour in 2012. Read more about Dea on Wikipedia or try to search many of her videos on You Tube.

8 thoughts on “Dea Norberg – new Roxette’s backing vocalist”

  1. Great vice. I think, i like’t
    Malin was too hyperactive for my taste. Their task was to support marie, don’t steal her the show.

  2. I’m not sure how to feel about this. It takes a long time to accept a new band member. I finally love Helena, now I have to get used to a new girl who’s never played with Per or Marie. Humph.

  3. It’s a pitty Malin isn’t with them this time. Still love the Nära EP!
    I could imagine the reason is what Tomasz wrote, as it’s a really long tour around the whole globe.

  4. Change for most people is always something scary. I think Dea will do just fine. Planet Roxette had to get use to Helena as well. She seems to have a very nice voice and I think that Per & Marie would not have chosen her if they did not feel that she would be an asset to the band. Let’s give her a chance!

  5. Dea Norberg is a very experienced background singer in Sweden. I don’t think there is one single artist she hasn’t sung with. She’s incredibly talanted and you all should be glad they got her.

  6. Hej Tiiger, I’m sure she’ll do a nice job. It’s just that many fans got used to Malin and Helena or even met them. So change may be tough at first. I hope to have a chance to experience Dea next year!

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