New date initially confirmed – in Argentina

As informs, producer Pablo Baldini confirmed that Roxette is set to come to the 7th largest Argentinian city of Mar Del Plata in March or April 2012. The concert place will be Estadio Polideportivo. According to our sources – the concert is planned to take place on April 28.

You can also see the current plan for the World Tour 2012 – with both confirmed concerts and lovely rumours.

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  1. Nice, April 28 is a Saturday! I have never been in Mar del Plata before, so it’s the perfect chance to visit the city (familiarly called Mardel or MDQ). It’s very crowded in summer, but in autumn is quieter. The city is also a very popular destination for a short trip during Holy Week.

    The stadium official name is “Polideportivo Malvinas Argentinas” and was built for the Pan American Games in 1995. It has a capacity of almost 6.500. More seats were added in 2008, having a total of 7.600 seats now.

    Inside 1:
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  2. If they’re coming to Argentina, they will go to Brasil too. Also Chile and Colombia, and maybe Peru. I’ve read a date for Paraguay listed somewhere as well, but I don’t think there’s a high demand for Roxette there.

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