“No One Makes It On Her Own” video got officially launched

This week saw the official media release of Roxette’s music video for the 4th “Charm School” single “No One Makes It On Her Own”. The beautiful animated video for the download-only single was made by Russian fan Tanya Rush and got published already in March. EMI now decided to buy and use it as the official video for the ballad.

Roxette – No one Makes it on Her Own von EMI_Music

The animated work appears to be retouched a bit if you compare the old Youtube with the new DailyMotion or MyVideo (D-A-CH) upload. There’s also a new end screen.

The single itself has no specific release date, since there’s no CD or download bundle – not even a cover. Just buy an album version if you haven’t yet!

4 thoughts on ““No One Makes It On Her Own” video got officially launched”

  1. Once again Tanya: Congratulations!
    Although it is ofcourse also out of budget reasons, still very cool they buy a fanmade video!!!

  2. Well, back in the days when I was a teenager, I was always counting the days until the release of a new Roxette single! The cover, the bonus-tracks, the remixes, everything was amazing about it! Remember FLAF, they even got an own photo-session for the cover! And now they release a single and don’t release it, because there is not even a cover or a download, nothing! 🙂 Strange, how music industrie has changed.

    Nevertheless, it’s a great song, one of the best from CS! It’s got a huge potential to be a major hit, but as we know, without promotion, it will fade away…

    @ Thomas: your idea for the cover is amazing! Imagine THIS cover with a demo and a live version or remix, I would buy a maxi CD for the first time in many years!! 🙂

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