Has Per recorded soundtrack for Jonas Åkerlund movie “Small Apartments”?

Per revealed that he has written and recorded a soundtrack album for a movie during this year. Could it be a new 2012 Jonas Åkerlund film called “Small Apartments” starring Dolph Lundgren, Billy Crystal or Peter Stormare? IMDB Small Apartments 2012.

We are only guessing, you know 🙂

Update, December 2: Per Gessle’s comment seems to deny this rumour.

Wow, what a line-up! Wish it was true!

And Matt Lucas is in there! Hallelujah! And Jimmy Knoxville! And Billy Crystal! And james Caan! Jeezus, Jonas – how did you manage this?

4 thoughts on “Has Per recorded soundtrack for Jonas Åkerlund movie “Small Apartments”?”

  1. Yeah it was, very good guess, I knew about it about 3 months ago but was told to keep it quiet 🙂

  2. Lol, Per recons it is not, but I know a few bits and was told a little rumour about it, and lets face it if that is the case out of how ever many millions of songs writers then it has got to be true,

    Your welcome 🙂

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